Designs by a human. For humans.

Design for almost anything.

Industrial Rabbit offers design services for almost anything. Whether you’re a large company, a small business, a social media influencer, or a couple needing a wedding announcement, Industrial Rabbit can help. 

Industrial Rabbit owner, Robert Irish has decades of design experience. Having worked for a laundry list of industries, Robert has designed it all including logos, printed catalogs, t-shirts, websites, mobile apps, and more!

Graphic Design

Big or small, Industrial Rabbit will design the very best printed or digital thing you need. Types of projects include ads, business cards, brochures, catalogs, flyers, logos, social media graphics, and more!

Logo Design

Starting a new business or needing to update your old logo, Industrial Rabbit will design a logo that will last the test of time. You’ll get a logo that can work in any application from large signs to small business cards. 

Web Design

There are some bad-looking websites out there. Don’t let yours be one of them! Industrial Rabbit will build a clean and functional website for your business. Industrial Rabbit will even host your website for you.

Product Design

Need a mobile or web app designed? Industrial Rabbit can provide user experience design on your next project. From concept to final design, Industrial Rabbit will work with you and your software engineer to find the best solution. 

Why Industrial Rabbit?

You could try and design what you need with one of those DIY design sites or even artificial intelligence (AI), but why not save yourself the trouble and have Industrial Rabbit design something that you’ll love at an affordable price. Robert Irish, owner of Industrial Rabbit, is a real person doing the design work. Which means you’re staying true to your commitment to being an authentic brand.

Who is Industrial Rabbit?

Industrial Rabbit is Robert Irish. Robert has been designing for print and digital since his high school days in the 90s. Having started as a graphic and web designer at a publishing company in 2003, Robert has designed for various industries and companies including: the Idaho Department of Labor, e-commerce and lifestyle brand,; consumer photo products brand, Picaboo; scented consumer products brand, Scentsy; and dozens of other brands and products.

Let’s Talk

Contact Robert and let him know what kind of design help you need.

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